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Batman trading cards have had a major place in the hobby for decades. They cover virtually every version of the iconic superhero, whether it's in comic form, TV or movies. The first major Batman trading cards were released by Topps in 1966. This is when the television show starring Adam West became an instant phenomenon. The Topps Batman sets then were a mix of original art-based products and some based on West's take along with his co-stars. The next major wave of Batman trading cards arrived when Tim Burton and Michael Keaton brought the Dark Knight to the big screen in 1989. Batman and Batman Returns both had multiple sets. As the series continued with new stars donning the cowl and a new director behind the camera, Fleer took over the franchise. They too made sets for Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. The comics have also inspired multiple releases with different focuses. The Christopher Nolan trilogy inspired just one major set for Batman Begins. Batman Trading Cards Sets, Checklists and Other Resources

1993 Topps Batman: The Animated Series Trading Cards

Of all the versions of Batman to come out in the 1990s, its the cartoon version that is the best in many people's eyes. 1993...

The 1966 Batman Complete TV Series Blu-ray Box Set Has Trading Cards — And...

The limited edition 1966 Batman TV Series Blu-ray box set includes reprints of classic Topps cards. But they're pretty lame. Find out why and get a full checklist of the 44 cards.

1996 Fleer/SkyBox Batman Holo Series Trading Cards

The Dark Knight gets the full hologram treatment in 1996 Fleer/SkyBox Batman Holo Series. Every card in the product, including the base set, is a hologram. And they're not the lame kind either.

2004 Inkworks Catwoman Trading Cards

Much like the movie the set is based on, the 2004 Inkworks Catwoman trading cards are filled with disappointments. While Halle Berry didn't sign autographs, she is featured on several costume cards.

1966 Topps Batman Bat Laffs Trading Cards

1966 Topps Batman Bat Laffs gallery. Find out about the classic set featuring Adam West, Burt Ward and more. See every card in the set.