Entertainment Trading Cards

2002 Rittenhouse Muppet Show 25th Anniversary Trading Cards

2002 Rittenhouse Muppet Show 25th Anniversary trading cards info, gallery and more. Find out about the set and see every card.

2007 Rittenhouse Spider-Man 3 Autographs Info, Gallery, Checklist

The movie might be forgettable, but the 2007 Rittenhouse Spider-Man 3 autographs set is stellar. Tobey Maguire, James Franco, Elizabeth Banks and Stan Lee are among the signers.

2003 Inkworks X-Files Season 9 Trading Cards

2003 Inworks X-Files Season 9 trading cards close out the classic show that spread conspiracy and paranoia across the airwaves.The base set consists of...

1966 Topps Batman Bat Laffs Trading Cards

1966 Topps Batman Bat Laffs gallery. Find out about the classic set featuring Adam West, Burt Ward and more. See every card in the set.

2007 Inkworks Buffy the Vampire Slayer 10th Anniversary Trading Cards

2007 Inkworks Buffy the Vampire Slayer 10th Anniversary looks back on a decade of big bads, memorable characters and angst. The set has the first Buffy prop card -- a stake used in the show.

Marvel Beginnings Villains Holograms Gallery

If you collected Marvel trading cards in the 1990s, chances are you were chasing holograms. 2011 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings brings back the classic format for a tough insert set.

2008 Inkworks The Spirit Trading Cards Review

The Spirit is a really crumby movie. The trading cards? They're actually really good.

2008 Topps Heroes Volume 1 Trading Cards Review

How did Topps do with their first set of Heroes trading cards? We dug into a box to find out.

2007 Topps Hollywood Zombies Trading Cards Review

2007 Topps Hollywood Zombies might have been ahead of their time. The satirical set takes celebrities (from the time) and gives them a walking deadly twist.

2011 Breygent Vampirella Autographs Gallery

2011 Breygent Vampirella Autographs feature signatures from some of the people who have made the character beautiful over the years. These include artists like Joe Jusko and models like Leslie Culton and Arban Ornelas.