Serenity Autographs Gallery

Whether you're a fan of Serenity the movie or Firefly, it's tough not to be impressed by the 2005 Inkworks Serenity Autographs. See them all including Nathan Fillion, Jewel Staite and Summer Glau.

Battlestar Galactica Premiere Edition Costume Cards Gallery

The 2005 Rittenhouse Battlestar Galactica Premiere Edition costume cards kick off the series. The checklist has eight cards, each with a piece of show-worn wardrobe.

Heroes Volume 2 Autographs Gallery

The 2008 Topps Heroes Volume 2 autographs feature a mix of single-, dual- and costume combinations. Featuring a bigger checklist than the first set, highlights include Ali Larter and Milo Ventimiglia.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 7 Pieceworks Gallery

The 2003 Inkworks Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 7 Pieceworks cards mark the show's final seasons. Although the include pieces of costumes from a handful...

Ultimate Guide to X-Files Autographs Cards

Over the course of several years, Inkworks and Topps covered a lot of ground when it comes to X-Files autographs and trading cards. See all of them from every set with this handy guide.

Serenity Pieceworks Costume Cards Gallery

The 2005 Inkworks Serenity Pieceworks cards offer screen-worn costume swatches from most of the movie's main cast.

Battlestar Galactica Premiere Edition Autographs Gallery

The Battlestar Galactica Premiere Edition Autographs checklist kicks off the reboot with more than a dozen signers including Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer.

2008 Topps Heroes Memorabilia Cards Gallery

The 2008 Topps Heroes Memorabilia cards highlight a handful of the show's key characters. Included are a pair of cards featuring Claire Bennet's cheerleading uniform.

Osbournes Season 1 Autographs Gallery

The 2002 Inkworks Osbournes Season 1 Autographs cover all four family members from the show. That includes Ozzy.

LOST Season 1 Pieceworks Gallery

The 2005 Inkworks LOST Season 1 Pieceworks cards feature screen-used costume swatches from more than a dozen key characters.