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2006 Topps WWE Heritage Chrome Chromagraph Autographs Gallery

The 2006 Topps WWE Heritage Chrome Autographs started a long-standing trend of stickers being used for signatures in wrestling sets. However, the list of signers is strong. John Cena, Trish Stratus, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit are among those on the checklist.

2006 Topps WWE Heritage Chrome Wrestling Cards

2006 Topps WWE Heritage Chrome is similar in design to the earlier Heritage set, only with a more premium chromium card stock. Inserts include different types of Refractors and Autographs.

2005 Topps WWE Heritage Wrestling Cards

2005 Topps WWE Heritage marked the return of the license to the New York-based card maker. Borrowing from past baseball releases for designs, the strong checklist includes several marquee autographs.

2009 Topps WWE Wrestling Cards

2009 Topps WWE trades in the Heritage line for something along the lines of flagship baseball. Highlights include autographs and dual autographs.

2007 Topps WWE Heritage III Wrestling Review

2007 Topps WWE Heritage III continues to mash-up several designs from the Topps vault. This includes Allen & Ginter, which appears as an insert.

2006 Topps WWE Heritage Chrome Wrestling Review

I was very excited when I heard Topps had regained the license to produce WWE cards again. Fleer made a few great sets in...

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It's finally happened. Fleer has made its first dud of a wrestling set. Thankfully it has taken two years to do so. Wrestlemania XIX...

2002 Fleer WWE Royal Rumble Wrestling Cards Review

Aside from Wrestlemania, the Royal Rumble is the best annual pay-per-view event. Thirty men enter, one survives and goes onto the main event at...

2002 Fleer WWE Raw vs. Smackdown Review

Professional wrestling has undergone a major facelift over the past few months. The WWF has changed its name to WWE (following a long court...

2002 Fleer WWF All Access Wrestling Cards Review

Watching Raw and Smackdown on TV every week, you get to know the on-screen characters pretty good. The Undertaker is a bad ass, The...