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1995 Fleer/SkyBox DC Versus Marvel Trading Cards

In the mid-1990s, hell apparently froze over and Marvel and DC did a massive crossover event pitting both iconic comic universes against each other. While it's largely forgotten now, it was fun at the time. And there was more to the crossover than just the comics. 1995 Fleer/SkyBox DC Versus Marvel trading cards enabled the two worlds to collide once again.

The main set has 100 cards. The first half covers heroes and villains from both realms. The second half features various match-ups. Artwork is a mix of traditional illustrations and paintings. Fronts also have slight foil accents.

Each hobby pack comes with one of four Amalgam Preview inserts. These have mashed up versions of Batman and Wolverine as well as Spider-Man with Superboy. The Amalgam universe was a limited part of the crossover, which got its own trading card set as well.

Holo F/X recreates more crossover battles using foil card stock. The 18-card Impact insert set makes two massive nine-card puzzles. The first, featuring a painting by Boris Vallejo, pits the Justice League against the Avengers. The X-Men and Teen Titans square off in the second collage, which has art from Julie Bell.

The most valuable 1995 Fleer/SkyBox DC Versus Marvel cards are the Mirage inserts. Although there are only two cards in the set, the 1:360 odds make them extremely tough to find. Both are lenticular, showing Wolverine and Batman transform into Dark Claw and Spider-Man and Superboy merge into Spiderboy.

1995 Fleer SkyBox DC Versus Marvel can be found with three types of boxes: hobby (36 packs, 11 card per pack), retail (36 packs, eight cards per pack) and retail jumbo (24 packs, 11 cards per pack).

1995 Fleer/SkyBox DC Versus Marvel Trading Cards Checklist

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Cards per pack: Hobby - 11, Retail - 8, Retail Jumbo - 11
Packs per box: Hobby - 36, Retail - 36, Retail Jumbo - 24

Base Set

100 cards.

1   Superman, Hulk
2   Captain America
3   Elektra
4   Hulk
5   Jubilee
6   Namor
7   Quicksilver
8   Sabretooth
9   Silver Surfer
10   Silver Surfer, Green Lantern
11   Spider-Man
12   Storm
13   Thor
14   Wolverine
15   Aquaman
16   Azrael
17   Batman
18   Captain Marvel
19   Captain Marvel, Thor
20   Catwoman
21   Flash
22   Green Lantern
23   Lobo
24   Robin
25   Superboy
26   Superman
27   Wonder Woman
28   Quicksilver, Flash
29   Abomination
30   Bullseye
31   Doctor Doom
32   Galactus
33   Green Goblin
34   Juggernaut
35   Kingpin
36   Lizard
37   Wonder Woman vs Storm
38   Magneto
39   Thanos
40   Bane
41   Black Adam
42   Circe
43   Darkseid
44   Doctor Polaris
45   The Joker
46   Aquaman, Namor
47   Kadabra
48   Killer Croc
49   Lex Luthor
50   Penguin
51   Archangel vs. Hawkman
52   Azrael vs. Sabretooth
53   Black Widow vs. Black Canary
54   Blue Beetle vs. Spider-Woman
55   Wolverine vs. Lobo
56   Capt. Marvel vs. Capt. Marvel
57   Cable vs. Captain Atom
58   Deathstroke vs. Punisher
59   Ghost Rider vs. Demon
60   Nightwing vs. Gambit
61   Human Torch vs. Firestorm
62   Steel vs. Iron Man
63   Hawkeye vs. Green Arrow
64   Robin, Jubilee
65   Venom vs. Lobo
66   The Ray vs. Nova
67   Thor vs. Wonder Woman
68   Warrior vs. War Machine
69   Captain America vs. Bane
70   Batman vs. Bullseye
71   Electro vs. Black Lightning
72   Riddler vs. Daredevil
73   Spider-Man, Superboy
74   Green Lantern vs. Green Goblin
75   Jigsaw vs. Deathstroke
76   Killer Croc vs. Hulk
77   Doctor Doom vs. Capt. Marvel
78   The Joker vs. Spider-Man
79   Galactus vs.Spectre
80   Superman vs. Juggernaut
81   Absorbing Man vs. Steel
82   Catwoman, Elektra
83   Thing vs. Solomon Grundy
84   Killer Croc vs. Abomination
85   Arcade vs. Riddler
86   Black Adam vs. Mandarin
87   Bullseye vs. Deadshot
88   Poison Ivy vs.Black Cat
89   Enchantress vs. Circe
90   Dr. Polaris vs. Magneto
91   Captain America, Batman
92   Darkseid vs. Thanos
93   Doctor Doom vs. Cyborg
94   Two-Face vs. Jigsaw
95   Green Goblin vs. The Joker
96   Man-Bat vs. Lizard
97   Kingpin vs. Lex Luthor
98   Scarecrow vs. Scarecrow
99   Mole Man vs. Penguin
100 Checklist

Holo F/X

12 cards, 1:8 packs.

1 Sabretooth vs. Azrael
2 Aquaman vs. Namor
3 Captain America vs. Batman
4 Catwoman vs. Elektra
5 Quicksilver vs. Flash
6 Superman vs. Hulk
7 Silver Surfer vs. Green Lantern
8 Robin vs. Jubilee
9 Wolverine vs. Lobo
10 Captain Marvel vs. Thor
11 Spider-Man vs. Superboy
12 Wonder Woman vs. Storm

Impact Cards

18 cards, 1:2 hobby packs, 1:4 jumbo retail.

Cards #1-9 form a JLA vs. Avengers puzzle while #10-18 form a Teen Titans vs. X-Men puzzle.

1 Thor
2 Metamorpho
3 Iron Man
4 Crimson Fox
5 Wonder Woman, Black Widow
6 Hawkman
7 Quicksilver
8 Flash
9 Hawkeye
10 Gambit
11 Supergirl
12 Beast
13 Split
14 Cyclops, Nightwing
15 The Atom
16 Rogue
17 Impulse
18 Wolverine


2 cards, 1:360 packs.

1 Superboy, Spider-Man, Spider-Boy
2 Wolverine, Batman, Dark Claw

Almalgam Preview

4 cards, 1 per hobby pack.

1 Dark Claw
2 Spider-Boy
3 Dark Claw
4 Spider-Boy

Promo Cards


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1995 Marvel Versus DC trading card lot (170)
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1995 DC Vs. Marvel Collector Cards Base Set of 100
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