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1992 Topps Hook Trading Cards

1992 Topps Hook trading cards came towards the end of an era for entertainment cards. It's one of the last to keep the classic Topps structure of basic cards and a few easy-to-find stickers. Shortly after, more complicated insert structures took hold and the hobby hasn't looked back since.

The 1992 Topps Hook base set retells much of the Steven Spielberg Peter Pan sequel over the course of 99 cards. Robin Williams (Peter Pan) and Dustin Hoffman (Captain Hook) are prominent throughout the checklist but this is one of those sets that doesn't have one of its lead characters. Julia Roberts was at the peak of her career at the time. She had an important supporting role as Tinkerbell. Yet the only time the character appears in the set is through production art. It's likely a case of Topps not being granted rights to Roberts' likeness.

In addition to the main set are 11 stickers. Inserted one per pack, it's not difficult to complete. The backs of the stickers go together to form the film's logo, appropriately enough, a hook.

Hook has aged well over the years and is remembered fondly by those who watched it as kids. And while it was still a blockbuster during its release, it was still considered something of a disappointment at the box office given the high stature of its cast, the film's pedigree and the fact that it was directed by Steven Spielberg. That might explain, at least in part, why so much unopened product remains on the market still today. As a result, 1992 Topps Hook trading cards remain on the very affordable side of things.

1992 Topps Hook Trading Cards Checklist

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Cards per pack: 9
Packs per box: 36

Base Set

99 cards.

1 Return to Neverland
2 Peter Pan: The Play
3 High-Flying Youngsters
4 Pan vs. Hook, Kid-Style!
5 Peter -- Afraid to Fly?!
6 Granny Wendy
7 Business or Family Man?
8 The Banquet
9 Tootles' Secret
10 The Past Beckons
11 The Abduction
12 Hooky's Back!
13 The Truth Revealed
14 The Once and Future Pan
15 Tinkerbell's Mission
16 Good Morning Neverland!
17 Peter the Pirate
18 Hook's Floating Fortress
19 Jack and Maggie - Prisoners!
20 The Captain in Command
21 Pan in a Jam in a Clam
22 The Home of Miss Tink
23 The Nevertree
24 Meet the Lost Boys
25 Disoriented Dad
26 Boy in a Barrel
27 Thud Butt Rebuts
28 Leader of the Pack
29 Enter...Rufio!
30 The Rivals Meet
31 Is He Really Peter Pan?
32 Kill the Lawyer!
33 No Escape from Destiny
34 Arrow Attack!
35 The Scorekeepers
36 Peter's Not Panning Out!
37 Seeing the Child Within
38 The Nefarious Captain and Smee
39 A Hook for All Occasions
40 Getting Down to Business
41 The Captain - Signing Off?
42 A Scheme Most Foul
43 Ponderful Rufio
44 The Ultimate Substitute Teacher
45 In a Class by Themselves
46 Jack - A Pupil with Promise
47 Getting into Shape!
48 Happy Landings, Peter!
49 Sling Shot Hotshot
50 Up, Up and Away!
51 Enslaved Aboard the Jolly Roger
52 The "King of Fun" Strikes
53 A Chip off the Old Hook...?!
54 Eats and Treats
55 Double Your Appetite
56 Dishing It Out
57 Food Fighter!
58 A Slice of (Former) Life
59 The Revealing Reflex
60 Bedtime in Neverland
61 Small Hope for the Hopeless
62 Maggie's Lullaby
63 Even Hook is Touched
64 To Crow or Not to Crow!
65 Field of Far-Out Dreams
66 The Unstoppable Pirates
67 Naturals of Neverland
68 Young Jack's Up at Bat
69 Hook! Hook! Hook!
70 How Pan Began...
71 Little Boy Lost
72 Peter Soars Once More!
73 Rufio's Pledge
74 Let's Turn Things Around!
75 Lost Boys on the Warpath
76 Tragic Transformation
77 The Return of Peter Pan
78 Swooping Down to Danger
79 This Pan's No Pansy!
80 Slashing and Bashing
81 Carry On, Peter Pan!
82 Never Say Surrender!
83 Fighting Back-to-Back
84 Convenient Contraption
85 Assault of the Flying Tomatoes
86 Four Ways to Dye
87 His Final Stand
88 Father and Son Reunited
89 The Lost Boys Triumphant
90 Aftermath
91 The Duel of Duels
92 Thrust and Parry!
93 Clashing Steel!
94 At Each Other's Throats
95 Croc's Revenge
96 Homecoming
97 Back and Better Than Ever!
98 The Family That Flies Together...
99 A Farewell to Tootles


11 cards, 1 per pack.

1 Hook Logo
2 Peter
3 Captain Hook
4 Peter, Captain Hook
5 Rufio
6 Tinkerbell Art
7 Bedroom
8 Peter Pan
9 Peter Pan, Captain Hook
10 Peter Pan
11 Captain Hook

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