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2010 Upper Deck Iron Man 2 Trading Cards

2010 Upper Deck Iron Man 2 trading cards helped build the template for the card maker's other sets based on the Marvel cinematic universe. Featuring a mix of traditional and premium elements, there's something for most types of collectors -- as long as they can handle the disappointing movie.

The base set is 75 cards. It's limited in scope in recapping the movie itself. That's likely because not everything was available for the set when it went into production. The checklist is fleshed out with behind-the-scenes and Iron Man armor subsets.

Hobby boxes come with a total of three premium inserts. Two are sketch cards. Limited to Marvel comic art, they don't connect to the movie. In fact, a lot of the cards have characters like Spider-Man and other members of the Avengers who have nothing to do with Iron Man 2.

Memorabilia cards land one per hobby box. These come with a piece of costume. Characters represented in the set include Tony Stark, Pepper Potts and Natasha Romanoff. Most consider the set to have 11 cards. However, there's also a twelfth card with a piece of Iron Man armor. This card is incredibly rare.

Autographs are also tough to pull. They average about one in four hobby boxes. There aren't many signers, but they're solid. Signers include Academy Award nominees Don Cheadle (Rhodey Rhodes) and Mickey Rourke (Ivan Vanko), Jon Favreau (Happy Hogan and director) and Leslie Bibb (Christine Everhart).

On top of these are three additional basic inserts. Actors highlights the film's stars, including Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow, with a die-cut design. Both Armored and Classic Covers use varying amounts of embossing. Classic Covers recreates iconic art with a foil embossed border. Armored looks Tony Stark's many creations.

Like all of Upper Deck's Marvel movie sets, Iron Man 2 remains popular, largely because of its premium elements. Even without signatures from Downey and Paltrow, there's a lot going on to keep it relevant years later.

2010 Upper Deck Iron Man 2 Trading Cards Checklist

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Cards per pack: 7
Packs per box: 24
Boxes per case: 12

Base Set

75 cards.

01 Checklist
02 Dropping In
03 American Hero
04 Welcome to the Stark Expo
05 Ladies' Man
06 Defendant Stark
07 Tony and Pepper
08 Order in the Court
09 Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes
10 The Hall of Armor
11 The Mark I
12 The Mark IV
13 New Face at Stark Industries
14 Natalie's "Promotion"
15 Chief Executive Potts
16 Ivan Vanko
17 Another Arc Reactor
18 Party in Monaco
19 Something to Talk About
20 Dirty Competition
21 Race Day
22 Whiplash Attacks
23 Hustle, Hogan!
24 Iron Man in a Box
25 Aftermath
26 Hammer Hatchesz a Plan
27 Slow Poison
28 Fun or Foolish?
29 Concern for Tony
30 Double Agent
31 Greedy Ambition
32 Evil Alliance
33 The Drone Plan
34 Toying Around
35 Rhodey's Had Enough
36 Fight Between Friends
37 Ride in Style
38 A Visit from Nick Fury
39 I Am the Black Widow
40 The Vanko Legacy
41 Fatherly Advice
42 Time for an Upgrade
43 The Secrets of the Armor
44 All of Them
45 It's a War Machine
46 Buried Treasure
47 Give a Hand, Dum-E!
48 New Power
49 I'm in Control Now
50 Hogan Steps Up
51 Widow's Walk
52 Smooth Moves
53 Ominous Halls
54 Grim Findings
55 Iron Man and War Machine
56 Visualizing the Stark Expo
57 "What's My Motivation?"
58 Dailies Can be Fun!
59 Going Over the Script in the Hall of Armor
60 Robert Downey Jr. Discusses Placement
61 Setting Up an FX Shot
62 Cinematographer Matthew Libatique Frames a Shot
63 Jon Favreau Describes the Action
64 Samuel L. Jackson Gets Ready for the Cameras
65 Hammer Industries' CEO Gets in Character
66 Pepper Potts: New CEO of Stark Industries
67 Mark VI Concept 1
68 Mark VI Concept 2
69 Mark VI Concept 3
70 Mark VI Concept 4
71 Mark VI Concept 5
72 Dossier: Drone 1
73 Dossier: Drone 2
74 Dossier: Drone 3
75 Dossier: Drone 4


4 cards, 1:96 hobby packs. Click here for a full gallery.

A1 Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan
A2 Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko
A3 Leslie Bibb as Christine Everhart
A4 Don Cheadle as Lt. Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes

Memorabilia Cards

12 cards, 1:24 hobby packs.

Check out a gallery of the entire set.

IMC-1 Tony Stark
IMC-2 Nick Fury
IMC-3 Natasha Romanoff
IMC-4 Natasha Romanoff
IMC-5 Pepper Potts
IMC-6 Whiplash
IMC-7 Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes
IMC-8 Justin Hammer
IMC-9 Tony Stark
IMC-10 Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes
IMC-11 Justin Hammer
IMC-12 Armor SSP

Sketch Cards

1:12 hobby packs.

The following is a list of artists who contributed to the set.

Irma Ahmed
Josh Alves
Melanie Lynne Anderson
James Bukauskas
Matt Banning
Charles Belak-Berger
Kate "Red" Bradley
Chris Butler
Joel Carroll
Jim Cheung
Joyce Chin
John Christopher
Adam Cline
Hamilton Cline
Daniel Cooney
Chris Copeland
Adelso Corona
Dennis Crisostomo
Shawn Crystal
Dennis Culver
George Davis
Adam DeKraker
Joe Dodd
Remi Dousset
Michael "Locoduck" Duron
Armando Durruthy
Casey Edwards
Tom Feister
Lee Ferguson
Sean "Cheeks" Galloway
Jerry Gaylord
Kevin Gentilcore
Bruce Gerlach
Patrick Gerrity
Benjamin Glendenning
Gene Gonzales
Kevin Graham
Rob Granito
Charles Hall
Jim Hanna
Chad Hardin
Tariq Hassan
Cutter Hays
Ray-Anthony Height
Mark Henry
Ben Herrera
Jessica Hickman
Zach Howard
Jose Jaro
Jeff Johnson
Michael Kasinger
Ryan Kinnaird
Karen Krajenbrink
Chad LaForce
Jason Latour
Bob Layton
Lak Lim
Rose Lumibao
Andy MacDonald
David Mack
Mike Maihack
Jon Malin
Mike Manley
Joe Manzella
Butch Mapa
Billy Martin
Shawn Martinbrough
Jeff Matsuda
Garry McKee
Mark McKenna
Bill Meiggs
Robard Jason "Bard" Mendoza
Eric Merced
Jennifer Mercer
Lord Mesa
JonBoy Meyers
Tony Miello
Dennis Miller
Mike Miller
Jake Minor
Matthew Minor
Hanie Mohd
Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar
Rich Molinelli
Gilbert Monsanto
Marat Mychaels
Bill Neff
Tom Nguyen
Graham Nolan
Ryan Odagawa
Michael O'Hare
Keith O'Malley
Shaun O'Neil
Ryan Orosco
Siya Oum
Richard Pace
Dan Panosian
Jason Paz
Michael Jason Paz
Joe Pekar
Mark Pennington
Elaine Perna
Tony Perna
Jason Keith Phillips
Brian Pierce
Zak Plucinski
Pablo Praino
Dan Quiles
David Rabbitte
Frank Rapoza
Lawrence Reynolds
Penelope Rivera
Andrew Robinson
Dave Ryan
Ron Salas
Dan Schaefer
Dan Schoening
Brent Schoonover
Brian Shearer
Blair Shedd
Marlin Shoop
Randy Siplon
Dietrich Smith
Marcus Smith
Tod Smith
Lawrence Snelly
Jon Sommariva
Carlo Soriano
Aaron Sowd
Cat Staggs
Ken Steacy
Dave Strong
Dave Tata
Ghislain "Spider Guile" Tchissafou
Bill Thompson
Mike Torrance
Jeremy Treece
Autumn Rain Turkel
Bryan Turner
Sanna Umemoto
Michael Van Orden
Justin Vandemark
Gus Vasquez
Jeff Victor
Neil Vokes
Brian Walker
Jason Walker
Travis Walton
Sarah Wilkinson
Erik Williams
Ryan Wong
Kelly Yates

Actors Die-Cuts

9 cards.

1 Tony Stark
2 Pepper Pots
3 Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes
4 Natasha Romanoff
5 Ivan "Whiplash" Janko
6 Justin Hammer
7 Nick Fury
8 Happy Hogan
9 Jon Favreau

Armored Embossed Cards

9 cards.

AC1 Iron Man - Mark IV
AC2 Iron Man - Mark V
AC3 Iron Man - Mark VI
AC4 War Machine
AC5 War Machine
AC6 War Machine
AC7 Black Widow
AC8 Nick Fury
AC9 Whiplash

Comic Covers

9 cards.

CC1 Tales of Suspense #39
CC2 Tales of Suspense #52
CC3 Tales of Suspense #57
CC4 Invincible Iron Man #1
CC5 Invincible Iron Man #47
CC6 Invincible Iron Man #80
CC7 Invincible Iron Man #118
CC8 Invincible Iron Man #126
CC9 Invincible Iron Man #152

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