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1995 Topps X-Files Season 1 Trading Cards

The truth is out there -- 1995 Topps X-Files Season 1 trading cards are weird. A mix of show content and bizarre artwork stemming from the show, the set is small and relatively straightforward. In part, that's probably why it's still very affordable and available.

The base set has 72 cards. Although it doesn't go into a ton of detail, it is broad in scope. Every first season episode has a card. On top of those, there are character bios, behind-the-scenes cards, a title card and a couple of checklists. A lot of the set's strangeness comes with the Paranormals subset that uses dated artwork rather than photos.

All 72 base cards have a Foil parallel. Inserted one per pack, putting a set together isn't difficult. The only difference from the base card is a small foil stamp on the front. If you're not looking for them, they're easy to miss.

1995 Topps X-Files Season 1 has two additional insert sets. Six Etched Foil cards either recycle cover art from the Topps comics or something close to it. These are inserted 1:8 packs. Finest Chromium cards are inserted 1:18 packs. The set has four cards.

This is the first of three seasonal sets of X-Files trading cards from Topps.

1995 Topps X-Files Season 1 Trading Cards Checklist

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Cards per pack: 9
Packs per box: 36

Base Set

72 cards.

Checklist (#72) can be found with 1995 copyright or 1996 (European version, which is also missing insert cards).

1 Title Card
2 Introduction
3 Introduction
4 Mulder, Fox
5 Scully, Dana Katherine
6 Deep Throat
7 The Cigarette Smoking Man
8 Skinner, Walter S.
9 The Lone Gunmen
10 1X79 "Pilot Episode"
11 1X01 "Deep Throat"
12 1X02 "Squeeze"
13 1X03 "Conduit"
14 1X04 "The Jersey Devil"
15 1X05 "Shadows"
16 1X06 "Ghost in the Machine"
17 1X07 "Ice"
18 1X08 "Space"
19 1X09 "Fallen Angel"
20 1X10 "Eve"
21 1X11 "Fire"
22 1X12 "Beyond the Sea"
23 1X13 "Genderbender"
24 1X14 "Lazarus"
25 1X15 "Young at Heart"
26 1X16 "E.B.E."
27 1X17 "Miracle Man"
28 1X18 "Shapes"
29 1X19 "Darkness Falls"
30 1X20 "Tooms"
31 1X21 "Born Again"
32 1X22 "Roland"
33 1X23 "The Erlenmeyer Flask"
34 Opening Titles
35 Opening Titles
36 Opening Titles
37 Homunculus
38 Eugene Tooms
39 Jersey Devil
40 Parasitic Worms
41 Face of Mars
42 Cecil L'Ively
43 Manitou
44 Prehistoric Insects
45 Alien Fetus
46 Anti-Gravity Aircraft
47 UFO Concept Design
48 Runway Encounter
49 Government UFO
50 Caught in the Beam
51 The UFO Above
52 Tooms Scales the Wall
53 Unearthly Elongation
54 Tooms Squeezes into Chimney
55 Tooms Storyboards
56 Jersey Devil Concept Designs
57 Parasitic Worms
58 Invaded Host
59 Fallen Angel Concept Designs
60 Salamander Hand
61 Serial Killer John Barnett
62 Skeletal Remains
63 Alien Embryos
64 Fox and Mulder Poster Illustration
65 Poster Illustration
66 Ice
67 Shadows
68 Fallen Angel
69 Shapes
70 Space
71 Trust No One
72 Checklist

Foil Parallel

72 cards, 1 per pack.

Etched Foil

6 cards, 1:8 packs.

i1 Do Not Open Until X-mas
i2 A Dismemberance of Things Past
i3 The Return
i4 Firebird Part One: Khobka's Lament
i5 Firebird Part Two: Crescit Eundo
i6 Firebird Part Three: A Brief Authority

Finest Chromium

4 cards, 1:18 packs.

X1 Agents Mulder and Scully
X2 The Erlenmeyer Flask
X3 Fox Mulder
X4 Dana Scully

Album Card

1 card, included exclusively with binder.

0 Mulder and Scully

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