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2007 Inkworks Hellboy Sword of Storms Trading Cards

2007 Hellboy Sword of Storms is a set based on the direct-to-video animated film. The set includes the first official Hellboy sketch cards. Hellboy creator, Mike Mignola, is among those providing original art for these cards.

Hellboy Autographs Gallery

Even if the movie wasn't the blockbuster many were hoping for, the 2004 Inkworks Hellboy Autographs checklist is still fairly strong. Like the film, it's not perfect, but it still captures most of the big names connected to it.

2004 Inkworks Hellboy Trading Cards

2004 Inkworks Hellboy goes in-depth into the would-be blockbuster. The full checklist includes a detailed base set and decent lineups for both autographs and costume cards.

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