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King Kong trading cards are available for all three films. The most popular set was released by Topps in 1965. A test issue, cards are extremely rare. Also popular is a set Donruss put out, also in 1965. This one is more widely available.

The first King Kong remake was the subject of a set from Topps. Today it has a solid following but it isn’t hugely popular.

Eclipse brought the franchise to the modern hobby with a set in 1993 based on the original film.

Peter Jackson’s 2005 King Kong got a major release from Topps, complete with autographs and memorabilia cards.

Expanding beyond the movies was 2011 5finity King Kong of Skull Island sketch cards.

King Kong Costume Cards Gallery

The 2005 Topps King Kong Costume Cards may not have a lot of variety but they do include swatches from wardrobe worn by Jack Black, Naomi Watts and Adrien Brody.

2005 Topps King Kong Trading Cards

2005 Topps King Kong trading cards have all the makings of a strong release. However, like the film they're based on, the product might not be as great as you'd hope given all the talent involved.

King Kong Autographs Gallery

Find out about the 2005 Topps King Kong Autographs and see the entire set.

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