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Political trading cards have been around for as long as cards themselves have been. Dating back to tobacco cards, presidents, royalty and other key politicians have been featured in dozens of sets and thousands of cards. Some of the most notable sets include 1952 Bowman US Presidents, 1956 Topps US Presidents, 1964 Topps John F. Kennedy and 2009 Topps President Obama.

Autographs of US Presidents have been popular subjects for cut signature cards. Every President has at least a few such cards. This includes 2012 Leaf Oval Office Cut Signatures, a product costing more than $1,000 per single-card box. Every President through Barack Obama had at least one autograph card in the set.

2009 Topps President Obama Trading Cards Review

Rushed into production following his election, 2009 Topps President Obama trading cards tell the story of how Barack Obama became the most powerful man in the world.

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