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2008 Rittenhouse Spider-Man 3 Expansion Sets

Two 2008 Rittenhouse Spider-Man 3 Expansion Sets add more depth, new autographs and other cards to compliment the earlier main release. A new Tobey Maguire autograph is among the cards.

2004 Upper Deck Spider-Man 2 Trading Cards

2004 Upper Deck Spider-Man 2 trading cards feature a simple checklist that includes lenticular and film frame inserts.

2007 Rittenhouse Spider-Man 3 Trading Cards

2007 Rittenhouse Spider-Man 3 does a solid job covering a weak film. In particular, the autograph list is strong even though it's missing a couple of key actors.

2002 Topps Spider-Man Movie Trading Cards

2002 Topps Spider-Man Movie trading cards kick off the Sam Raimi trilogy with a relatively simple checklist that lacks premium elements.

2007 Rittenhouse Spider-Man 3 Autographs Info, Gallery, Checklist

The movie might be forgettable, but the 2007 Rittenhouse Spider-Man 3 autographs set is stellar. Tobey Maguire, James Franco, Elizabeth Banks and Stan Lee are among the signers.

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